California Mechanical Acceptance Test Technician & Employer Certification Provider



The California Energy Commission (CEC) has updated their requirements of the Acceptance Test Technician Certification programs.  NEMIC has been approved by the CEC to offer a continuing education webinar for the NEMIC ATTCP-certified Acceptance Test Technicians and Acceptance Test Employers that allows them to be recertified under the 2016 California Building Energy Standards. More information on the 2016 Standards can be found on our "Resources" page.

The process for NEMIC ATTCP-certified Acceptance Test Technicians is as follows:

The process for NEMIC ATTCP-certified Acceptance Test Employers is as follows:

  1. Access the recertification training by clicking on

  2. Log in to the site using the same username and password that you use for the iTi website. If you don’t have a username and password or are not certain what it is, please contact iTi at 703-739-7200 ext. 631.
  3. After logging in, you will be redirected to the course page.
  4. Read through the Introduction, and access the training presentation by clicking the link under the 2016 CA Building Standards heading, Lesson – 2016 CA Building Standards section.  You must view the presentation in its entirety to complete the learning activity.
  5. One you have completed the presentation, click on “Exit activity” on the top of the page.
  6. Click on the Certificate of Completion Acknowledgement and make the appropriate selection.
  7. Click on the 2016 Recertification Form File link to download the recertification form to your device.  If prompted to do so, it is recommended to select Save As, rather than Open. Adobe Acrobat is required for entering the form data.   A free version of Adobe reader can be downloaded from the Adobe website.
    Fill out all the form information and click the Submit button at the bottom of the form to automatically attach the PDF to an email. 
  8. You must submit the 2016 Recertification Form to complete the renewal process.



  1. Please log into your account at
  2. Click “My Certification” tab.
  3. Click “NEMI Renewal Training” Link (to the right of your ATE certification).
  4. Click “Open PDF” when ATE Recertification Course appears. The course should take about an hour of your time.
  5. Once you have reviewed the course completely, you will be directed back to the NEMI Training Screen.
  6. Click “Next”
  7. A word document will appear with the remaining steps to follow.  Under Step 2, please click “Open Form”.
  8. Please complete the form, and save it to your computer.
  9. Under Step 3, please click “Send Email”. 
  10. Attach the form to the email and fill in your First Name and Last Name in the email body, then click send.
  11. Once NEMIC ATTCP receives your form, please allow a week for the recertification process to be completed.  You may then log into your account and print a copy of your ATTCP Certificate if you so desire.  The print certificate link is available under “My Certification” tab.