California Mechanical Acceptance Test Technician & Employer Certification Provider


Who are ICB/TABB-Certified Mechanical Acceptance Test Technicians?

ICB/TABB-certified Mechanical Acceptance Test Technicians (ATTs) are building mechanical specialists trained and certified by NEMIC in its role as a CEC-approved Mechanical Acceptance Test Technician Certification Provider (ATTCP). ATTs conduct the required acceptance tests, submit results and certificates to enforcement agencies, and are employed by ICB/TABB-certified Acceptance Test Employers. Contractors who employ ATTs must also be certified as Mechanical Acceptance Test Employers by the NEMIC ATTCP.

NEMIC has been approved by the California Energy Commission to certify contractors and technicians to conduct acceptance tests of building mechanical systems including:

For a complete listing of all the required acceptance tests please consult Chapter 13 of the Nonresidential Compliance Manual.

Why train and certify personnel to conduct these tests?

Training and certification are new requirements. They were put into place to address the low historical effectiveness of testing nonresidential building mechanical systems due to construction trades not being uniformly familiar with equipment and methods used to conduct tests.